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A Gallery of Awesome Tidbits of UX: Little Big Details

Sweating the small stuff? If it doubles your website's conversion then it's definitely worth exploring. There's always ways to improve the user experience of a website, and we always like to gear it toward making the experience easier and more convenient for the user, and boosting conversion rates while we're at it. To see the latest and greatest of handy user experience funnels and tools, Little Big Details ( is a great place to check in and see a gallery of…
May 20, 2013
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Ninthlink Successfully Launches using WordPress Business Ecommerce Themes.

Ninthlink successfully launched in May of 2012. We designed and programmed the website using an up and coming Wordpress Business Ecommerce theme from The entire Yachts Dealership was customized to fit multi-currency and brand requirements of Rags Design, a company based in both Europe and the US. According to Bridget Knol, owner of Rags Design, " has been a major factor in the success and recognition of Rags Design. The website has made is possible to share and…
June 15, 2012
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Where’s the fold? There it is!

Designers talk about "the fold" on websites as some arbitrary line, where almost everyone will see what is going on "above the fold" on your homepage, and noone ever bothers to scroll down "below the fold", so you can pretty much get away with anything you want there, right? But what does it really MEAN? Enter Where's the fold - now you can SEE where the fold most likely will be, on whichever site you choose. Now we just need…
October 11, 2011
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High Performance = Higher Conversion Rates

As we strive to stay true to our promise of creating High Performance Websites, we’ve been running optimization test on the layouts and content of various pages of our client’s websites including  One such test (outlined below) involved Jacuzzi’s request a quote page, in which we tested the page’s content and design in an effort to increase conversions (and revenue & ROI along the way). (more…)
July 29, 2011