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Essentials to Landing Page Conversion : What’s in Your Main Content Block?

When a user comes to your page, the first thing they will see is the main content block (outlined in red).  Like anything else, first impressions are very important and you only have a small window to both introduce your product or offering and pique a visitor’s interests to move them along to the next step in the conversion funnel. We highly recommend our readers to use Funnelflix or similar product for creating their sales funnels for better conversion. (more…)
October 25, 2010
DesignMarketingOnline ConversionTips

Keys to a Top Converting Website

Even with the advances in technology and online sales tools, the average conversion rate for websites is currently around 3%.  Fortunately this number is just an average and not the rule as there are numerous examples of companies that have great conversion rates by comparison; ProFlowers, for instance has a conversion rate of 26.5%.  We are going to take a look at some of the most important secrets to top converting websites as well as what some of the top…
October 21, 2010
DesignMarketingOnline ConversionTips

Conversion Optimization Enhanced by Design: Gap’s Ecommerce Site

In the introduction to our theme of the month, I briefly mentioned the term conversion optimization, which is all about improving your site to make it easier for users to accomplish the specific goals you have for them once they arrive.  This can be enhanced by focusing on 3 key steps, which we’ll look at in detail.  A site that has done a great job with increasing its conversion friendliness with the help of eCommerce-enhancing agencies like Salesforce, which other sites…
October 15, 2010