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Updating the Code Aurora Forum

By February 19, 2010 No Comments

Mobile World Congress was this past week, and as part of our contribution to that, and to the world at large, we at Ninthlink had the privilege of freshening up the look of the Code Aurora Forum, “the go-to-source for the mobile open source community.” The old site (picture after the jump) had all the info, including GIT repositories and WIKIs full of knowledge for the latest in the open source world, from Google’s Android and Chromium OS to Qualcomm’s Gobi and SnapDragon technologies. We helped to give it a face lift, and make it so everyone, and not just the most dedicated techies, can get excited about our open source future.

See, that was the bland old design. And this is just a bit of what our update, running on WordPress, actually does…

1/ Using jQuery’s Cookie plugin, viewers have the option to turn the Background video on or off. Yea, those dots in the background, they can move if you want them to. And whichever you choose, your choice stays with you throughout the site experience.

2/ Using typeface.js, messaging across the site is easily manageable by any site admin, whether they are a tech guru or a marketer. Join us in making a contribution to mobile openness. Register & Contribute.

3/ What’s Happening Now : by feeding the GitWeb’s RSS feed of commit messages straight in to the WP system, the latest developer updates are displayed on the homepage in real time, showing real work and progress.

4/ Since WordPress started as a blogging system, the site now has a Blog, offering a new home for people like Qualcomm’s “principle engineer for the Web Technology Team within the Qualcomm Innovation Center” Mark Bapst, Android engineer Ajay Dudani, Symbian Platform lead / QuIC Principal Engineer Tony Newpower, and Teleca’s VP of Solutions Marketing, Andrew Till. The latest blog headlines are then displayed throughout the site.

5/ The latest Tweets are fed in to the homepage and elsewhere too.

6/ The footer gives more ways for everyone to participate: besides just contributing code, you are also invited to follow across a selection of other platforms : Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. And of course, you can subscribe to the latest Code Aurora RSS.

There’s even more going on inside the site, but we can save that for another time. It’s just amazing what can happen in a few weeks if we put our minds to it.

Alex Chousmith

Alex has been building with Ninthlink since '06, and a San Diegan since the turn of the century. A background of Mathematics – Computer Science / Interdisciplinary Computing & Arts from UCSD, plus Drupal / WordPress / jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5 / bass guitar / homebrew skill, powers him to get the job done, no matter what.

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