The bigger they are…

See, even the giant sites out there have trouble sometimes. I guess thats why JavaScript / HTML best practices are for loading scripts at the very bottom of the page, right before the tag, so that in case one of your scripts is a call out to Twitter to load some latest tweets, everything else can play nice even if that one just tries to load and load and load... Happy Thursday?
June 21, 2012

Twitter gives you the bird

Looks like Twitter is steering away from it's old icons and forcing us good web dev teams to make changes to all sites that use the old Twitter icon. They give us the bird with new guidelines that they outline here. They DON'T Allow the birds referenced above : Talking birds, dying birds, a family of birds, really blue birds, birds on the ground, cartoon birds or birds with hair, SO BE CAREFUL HOW YOU GIVE THE BIRD! (more…)
June 14, 2012

jQuery UI Touch Punch

No, not Kickpuncher - I'm talking about Touch Punch. If you updated to WordPress 3.4 yesterday or today, and read the New Features notes closely, maybe you were like me, intrigued by the new inclusion of "jQuery UI Touch Punch". I mean, it certainly sounds cool - what else do you need? Well, what else it does, is help make all the excellent jQuery UI abilities, like Draggability, sliders, and more, work nicely on touch devices like your (i)Phone /…
June 14, 2012

Things You Can’t Do In IE8

It is February of the year two thousand and twelve, and while overall web stats claim that older Internet Explorer versions account for only ~ 15% of web traffic, the reality for your business could be quite different. What if you are looking to update your (company's) website for the new year, but find that the majority of your visitors have not updated their web browsers in the past year (IE9 was released on 3/14/11)? While it may be true…
February 3, 2012

Holiday Search Tip Rap, from Google + Santa Check out Santa's holiday search tip rap, fresh off the little snowflake in the bottom right of Google's helpful "New Gadgets" page. Did you get a new gadget - Android phone, tablet, or computer - over the holidays? Then this is for you: Download Google Chrome, get the Google+ app to face time, er, face-to-face with up to 9 people, hit up the Android App Store, and more. Happy Holidays!
December 27, 2011