Are You Being Penalized For Others’ Lack of Creativity?

It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but can another's lack of creativity come back to bite you? Unfortunately, the answer is...yes. This past March, Google updated their definition of "duplicate copy" to encompass not just the traditional on-site connotation but also replicated copy living on different domains. And since Panda has now become an integral part of the algorithm, websites displaying the same copy are beginning to lose rank. After working in the industry for…
September 23, 2013

Endurance Response Hosting Troubles – WP 3.6?

Chances are, if your website was hosted with bluehost, HostGator, HostMonster, or JustHost, your site has had some issues today. Apparently they are all run by one parent company Endurance Response, and as of writing this around 2pm on Friday afternoon, "Work continues ... to diagnose other issues that may be impacting performance.". Is it a coincidence that WordPress version 3.6, codename Oscar, was released yesterday, and less than 24 hours later some websites are just as online functional as…
August 2, 2013
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A Gallery of Awesome Tidbits of UX: Little Big Details

Sweating the small stuff? If it doubles your website's conversion then it's definitely worth exploring. There's always ways to improve the user experience of a website, and we always like to gear it toward making the experience easier and more convenient for the user, and boosting conversion rates while we're at it. To see the latest and greatest of handy user experience funnels and tools, Little Big Details ( is a great place to check in and see a gallery of…
May 20, 2013

Our Top Picks for Mobile Apps

The world of mobile apps is constantly evolving and rapidly growing at a spectacular rate. More and more we are spending time with apps as they become more useful and purposeful for our individual needs. Apps tend to satisfy three main driving points to fulfill what the end user is seeking to accomplish; fun & entertainment, convenience, and learning. I asked some of the iPhone users around the office what their three favorite apps are, although some got excited and…
February 21, 2013