Google’s Expanding Dominance

Google's decision to launch an entire mobile Internet platform instead of just a single phone might be the best decision they have ever made. Google knows that what they are good at is the Internet, plain and simple. They aren't AT&T or Motorola and they have nothing to do with wireless communication. However, they are the dominant force on Internet search and Internet applications like Google Maps, Google AdWords, etc... So now that they will be leveraging their new mobile…
November 21, 2007

Long Drives and Libraries

Tracy and I were returning today from a client meeting discussing a really fascinating concept on the future generations and their relationship with technology and devices. We painted a picture of how transparent and connected our personal information will be in the near future utilizing knowledge systems and data warehouses tied to corporate profiles. With 3G and 4G networks just around the corner we will be will be uploading and downloading information based on our geographic locations, submissions to friend…
November 20, 2007

Tax Deductible?

Fourth (4) quarter is a time to ask "Tax Deductible?". Check with your accountant and see if your servers & website are tax deductible. This might be the right moment to give your corporate website a FRESH look or build one from scratch. Of course, Ninthlink will help you with any of your web development needs! Contact me for a FREE needs analysis. [email protected]
November 20, 2007

Customer Retention Tips for Success

Developing a successful retention program takes a lot of creativity and planning compared to search engine marketing. There are no cookie cutter approaches, but there are some guidelines to think about. First, remember value exchange. (more…)
November 9, 2007

2 Silver W3 Awards

The final results came in and we won 2 silver awards from the International Academy of the Visual Arts, W3 Awards. Winners: Jacuzzi Hottubs: Consumer Goods - Website Face of Christmas: Web Marketing - Viral
October 19, 2007