What if you thought about it this way?

The internet has received the most attention from marketers on how to easily turn on the flow of visitor traffic and optimize conversion rates to keep a consistent return on marketing investment. No questions asked this works, but what about all the customers that have put up with your marketing activities and decided to make a purchase? Those customers will switch brands in a heart beat if you let them because there are a thousand others utilizing the same tools…
October 11, 2007

2 New Job Openings at Ninthink

Hey everyone we have created two new positions over here at our new downtown location. Contact Tracy Smisek @ [email protected] to send over your portfolio and resume. +++ Web Design / Production Assistant / Positions Now Available at Ninthlink +++ Ninthlink is an agency in downtown San Diego that helps clients promote and grow their business through web design, development and marketing solutions. Founded in 1999, our team is dedicated to innovative and inspired business solutions. We are looking to…
October 2, 2007

Conversion. Keep it Simple

What is a Conversion? A conversion is an action that brings value to your business. In terms of the internet, a conversion is when a visitor to your website engages in a desired action. Examples of conversions are purchases, leads, newsletter signups, or any other action that fulfills your company‚Äôs objectives. The easiest and most popular way to measure ROI with conversion is product purchases from the website. (more…)
June 22, 2007