Conversion. Keep it Simple

By June 22, 2007 6 Comments

What is a Conversion?
A conversion is an action that brings value to your business. In terms of the internet, a conversion is when a visitor to your website engages in a desired action. Examples of conversions are purchases, leads, newsletter signups, or any other action that fulfills your company’s objectives. The easiest and most popular way to measure ROI with conversion is product purchases from the website.

Keep it Simple
There is a certain power in life with simplicity. This power transfers nicely to conversion tactics for your website. Having a site that is simple and powerful creates high conversion rates, which will ultimately lead to turning marketing dollars in to revenue. This sounds easy, but it is the most challenging aspect of a website experience because you have to give visitors an interactive experience, but you don’t want to deter them away from making purchases. Visitors will only get lost in a site if they are distracted by a whole bunch of features that don’t serve a purpose. A good tip for success is analyzing every aspect of your site with the question; “does this function serve a purpose in creating a simple and powerful experience for my visitors?”

Don’t Bury your Products
There is a general rule of thumb when you are selling products online. Don’t put your products more than 2 clicks away from your homepage. Depth of content and industry knowledge are essential elements of a company website, but should not interfere with your very clear and distinct “path to purchase”.


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