Long Drives and Libraries

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Tracy and I were returning today from a client meeting discussing a really fascinating concept on the future generations and their relationship with technology and devices. We painted a picture of how transparent and connected our personal information will be in the near future utilizing knowledge systems and data warehouses tied to corporate profiles. With 3G and 4G networks just around the corner we will be will be uploading and downloading information based on our geographic locations, submissions to friend lists, and streaming information from our current locations that talk to industries of mass transit and communication. We then got a little creaped out and stopped our day dreaming. To clear my brain I did something this early evening that I have not done in about 8 years – I visited the Library! What an experience and so much fun. I have become so accustomed to using the internet and Borders as my primary portals for information, I totally forgot about the Library. Tonights lineup of engaging Content and Media…

  1. DVD: Annie Leibovitz – biography of famous photographer
  2. DVD: Noam Chomsky – on power and terror
  3. DVD: The First Year – documentary of 5 teachers in tough schools
  4. Book: Brand Royalty by Matt Haig
  5. Book: Brand Apart by Joe Duffy

I hope everyone is having a blessed and successful week.

Jeromy Stallings

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