Is The Mission on fire yet?

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not yet

Ladies n gents, your Baltimore world champions. Not so excited by that or by all the commercials? Maybe you or someone you know and love live in San Francisco? Luckily there is a site just for you, at least for the next couple hours til things wind down a bit… Keep checking, I guess?

Alex Chousmith

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  • Jaylen says:

    In my part of the world you must consider how much moisture the fruit trees will need and whether you can supply it in some way. In Central Texas many years will not have enough rain to sustain fruit trees. Also how long will it take to produce fruit for wildlife or for personal use. If there are wild varities in the area it may be better to plant them as they have adapted to the soil and the annual raafinll.

  • This was especially helpful to me. I don't think the terms "paranormal" and "urban" are helpful in figuring it out. At times, these seem to bleed into each other or be so similar that I don't see the point of the distinction. I guess it is helpful if people aren't as into romance. Great post.My recent post

  • I know that Sarah Palin is a woman of God. I believe that she is up to something but I don’t know what. She knows something, something that she wasn’t allowed to reveal in the McCain campaign. She will come out with guns loaded for bear. You betcha!

  • I’ve been observing transhumanists on the net for a few years, and frankly I’m gobsmacked by how non-existent their grasp of technology is. It’s simply mystical thinking. Pit them against any non-transhumanist engineering student and you won’t have a competition nor a discussion – you’ll have good laughs.There are people who know what they’re talking about, like Dr. G here, but most seem to be as clueless as they are gullible.

  • I see it same way you do, Mony. It’s a dream/allucination by Eric. Godric (a mix between the “old” Godric who was ferocious and the “new” Godric -all dressed in white) seems to “initiate” Eric at feeding on humans. And Sookie is this human.But I thing it’s not real.BTW, I effing LOVE that Eric is still badass even when Amnesiac!!   0 likes

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