Now With More Awesomeness : WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8 Released

By March 31, 2011 No Comments

If it happened another 8 hours later than now, I might not believe it, but since WordPress itself is telling me yes in fact this is true, then here you go : WP e-Commerce Plugin version 3.8 : “a new look, super speed and more awesomeness than ever”. I have been working with the betas and release candidates for what seems like almost half a year now, and am excited that 3.8 is all officially on now. The biggest move was switching to WordPress’s Custom Post Types, making the overall everything much faster, the UI much cleaner and more user-friendly. Actually, those guys are over in New Zealand, so I suppose it is April Fools Day already for them, but those fools are no fools. WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8. Get it while the gettings good.

Alex Chousmith

Alex has been building with Ninthlink since '06, and a San Diegan since the turn of the century. A background of Mathematics – Computer Science / Interdisciplinary Computing & Arts from UCSD, plus Drupal / WordPress / jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5 / bass guitar / homebrew skill, powers him to get the job done, no matter what.

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