Bill Gates Favorite Teacher – Sal Khan

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Ninthlink has recently partnered with Black Book Sessions (a non-profit), based on the vision to bring more relevent & inspired events to youth and teachers throughout the world. One of the hot topics is “How to bring more relevant education to young people” both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Doing some research today can find online help for homework in physics in the new edge technology and education go hand in hand, I discovered Sal Khan who is doing some amazing stuff for learning globally, love the simplicity and effectiveness. Visit their website here about education.

“What Inspires You?“. This is what we have created as the tagline for our 2011 marketing initiative focused on engaging teachers, community and youth in the possibility of rethinking education.  We are inviting friends, family, artists and clients to consider how we are approaching our daily school assignments, creative projects, experiences with friends, opportunities in career, new company initiatives and more – through an inspired agenda.

Jeromy Stallings

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