a fun day for ARNOLD, our newest mascot

By August 5, 2010 One Comment

Meet ARNOLD. He’s quick to learn, has incredible character and skill, has a great head of hair, and keeps the Ninthlink crew on their toes, WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEE/MASCOT? (is it cool with everyone if he is our mascot? )!

Arnold came to work today for the first time in a long time, he is my sweet little 1.5 year old boy boxer, and is kinda a momma’s boy (although my husband would say otherwise). All day today he followed me around helping me with my tasks, promoting his dog toys, and sharing a few slobbers and kisses with the team.

But for some reason he must sense that I am greatly out-numbered by the 20-4 ratio of men to women in this office as he stood at defense a lot of the day at my office entrance.

I think he’s getting used to being around so many people in a small space, as he usually spends most the day rough-housing with his best male friend, Lance the Golden Retriever.

I’m hoping after a few more trips to the office he will warm up to Russell…. I mean to the whole Ninthlink crew, and will be comfortable as one of our newest employees. Come by and say hi at our new office and you can meet him too, if you bring a treat or ball I’m sure he’ll be quick to be your friend, lick your hand, or maybe even lick your face if your that lucky 🙂

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