Coffee Shop Kickoff for Survey Select Art Exhibition

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Survey Select Art Exhibition in San Diego

Survey Select Art Exhibition - Promotional Kickoff Event

Mark Murphy did an amazing job this evening at the Pannikin in Del Mar sharing some kickass promotional collateral to get the goodness out about Survey Select Art Exhibit that will be happening in San Diego July 16h – September 5th. Visit for more information about how to help and experience this amazing experience.

Bells & Whistles in San Diego is designing the space for Survey Select Art Exhibition that is looking amazing. Checkout there work and check back for sneak peaks of venue build out.

Here are some questions and needs that came out of this evenings meeting:

  • How do we get in contact with KPBS to talk about Survey Select Art Exhibition?
  • Who do we talk to that is in Radio that we can hookup to get some Coverage?
  • How do we get editorials with some of the Major Magazines in San Diego: Reader, Riviera, etc?
  • We need a high quality projector and sound equipment for the event. Any help would be great!
  • And one more thing, we need some lighting support to get the event lite properly (if that is a term)

Kelley Padrick is doing an amazing job organizing teams and sharing her passion for collaboration and creative spirit for what Survey Select will not only do for the Artist but the Community of creative. Mark and Kelley are doing an amazing job keeping spirits high with all the challenges of doing something fresh & new in San Diego.

Oh, a couple more things we are going to need:

  • Final setup and help of the Venue. Please contact us via the website or find us on Facebook by searching for Survey Select and more.

Checkout the Killer Promotional goods around town and help us get the word out by visiting Ninthlink to pickup some cool stuff to share with your friends. Our location is: 3861 Front Street : San Diego, CA 92103 :

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