The Key to Success: Location, Location, Location…

Last we, we talked about the trendy location-based social networking and leading popular site Foursquare.  There are other plays out there doing the location “thang” – here are just five worth checking out….

My Town’s first breath of life was playing Monopoly against yourself with properties in your own neighborhood. My Town 3.0 has retained the ability to “buy property” with equity built up from check-ins but has opened up to a much more social sphere. Seems My Town gaining 130,000 new users a week.

Tweetsii’s check-in process is potentially among the more elaborate. Users snap a photo and upload it, tagging the location where that photo was taken in the process at a favorite bar or restaurant, etc. When users pull up the app, they’ll see that photo situated on a map, pointing to where that photo was taken and who posted it.

BrightKite, like Tweetsii, uses photos to paint a dynamic picture of its users’ experiences. The set-up of the homepage is closer to a Facebook newsfeed with streaming content appearing next to the users posting it.

Mobiluck is Europe-based and takes the personal location experience a step further by giving Symbian and Windows mobile smart phone users the ability to chat with their MSN contacts. Rumor has it they are also working on a feature that allows connections to users from other platforms like Skype and Gchat.

Check.In’s catch-phrase: “One Checkin to Rule Them All” – wow, Geek-on: it’s a Tolkien reference used to sell a service that ties of each of a users various geo-locating services together, updating them simultaneously.

Know of a cool location-based user site?  Let us know.

Jeromy Stallings

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