The FTC v. Intel

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This is of interest and concerns us all…

The Federal Trade Commission has been busy again, taking heed of actions by authorities in Europe, Japan, South Korea and New York State. The government agency has launched legal proceedings against silicon mega-corporation Intel for a decade’s worth of anticompetitive business practices, under the Anti-Trust Act.

The FTC has a notion to change how Intel “shares” its intellectual property with competitors. The FTC’s complaint contends that Intel has used its dominant position to grow market share and stifle the innovation of others in the same market.

This also follows the European Union’s settling the lingering, remaining antitrust concerns with Microsoft, which has agreed to fairly market rival web browsers alongside of Internet Explorer in the Windows operating systems distributing across Europe.

Such major actions by governments and how massive tech companies change their policies to fit governmental complaints affects any of us who use the internet, PCs, mobile devices, and work in cyberspace—especially those, like the Ninthlink Team, whose business concerns is the Internet and how it is accessed.

These matters are to be watched, because they give us hints about the trends to come…

Jeromy Stallings

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