Shaken, Not Stirred

You've probably already seen the link, since I got it IM'd to me 3 or 4 times a few minutes after the shaking stopped, but if you haven't,, 5.8, SW of Chino Hills. NLK friends at Sundance Spas HQ, we hope you are well, and that the amount of water spilled from your hot tubs was minimal. Here on the 6th Floor, Craig and I were almost out the door (and half way to Maloney's) before the shaking stopped,…
July 29, 2008

Coronado Mayor Tom Smisek Joins Ninthlink To “Think Green” With Our New Office Bike Space!

Mayor Tom Smisek of Coronado was kind enough to come on down and attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Ninthlink’s new office bike rack on July 15, 2008, showing his and the City of Coronado’s support for local area business efforts to “think green” and help solve today’s current problems with high gas prices and air pollution. Ninthlink’s bike rack is a symbolic gesture at promoting alternative methods of transportation to and from work. Ninthlink encourages other San Diego businesses, large…
July 16, 2008

So Hot Right Now

Simple, slick, to the point, Bam. Don't believe me? Find your own favorite combination. ... and in case you were having a hard time figuring out what to get me for my birthday. Which is funny haha because I found the Raybans site through the following chain, which also pointed out a NOFX song I never knew about, conveniently called August 8th : 1) A buddy, who will remane nameless, but who's initials are Steve, complained that he needed design…
July 15, 2008

Join Us To “Think Green” With Our New Office Bicycle Space!

Come on over to our office Tuesday, July 15, 2008, at 10 A.M. and join us for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Ninthlink's bike rack. Refreshments will be served; the press, public, and neighboring businesses are all invited to attend. Why the bike rack? Gas prices are outrageous today, increasing at an alarming rate. By the end of 2008, gasoline could very well be $6-7 a gallon. In response to this problem, many people are now commuting to their jobs, either…
July 9, 2008