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Jeromy Stallings


Social Status 2.0

Connecting to your friends and family is becoming more and more virtual everyday. If you are not one of the many hundreds of millions of people racing to position themselves as the next big thing online then you may be missing out. How many people visited your blog last month? How many friends do you have in MySpace? How many videos have you posted to YouTube? Is your information in Facebook? What is your rank and level in World of…
November 28, 2007

Mobile Gamers are Growing

According to a recent study done by eMarketer, mobile gaming downloads, worldwide, are going to double in size to 460 million downloads by 2009. Americans are invested too deep in different technological devices to probably see any shifts in the next few years, but we are going to see significant changes in large developing countries for 2 reasons. First, these countries have never had the disposable income to buy any gaming devices. Second, mobile subscriber rates are increasing significantly in…
November 21, 2007

Long Drives and Libraries

Tracy and I were returning today from a client meeting discussing a really fascinating concept on the future generations and their relationship with technology and devices. We painted a picture of how transparent and connected our personal information will be in the near future utilizing knowledge systems and data warehouses tied to corporate profiles. With 3G and 4G networks just around the corner we will be will be uploading and downloading information based on our geographic locations, submissions to friend…
November 20, 2007