Web Technology Essentials That Many Miss

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You probably know that web technology is constantly changing.

Most businesses have a website. Most businesses want their website to be an effective tool for generating leads, sales, or reinforcing their brand. A great way to make sure is by going to and reading their reviews on the different tech coming out everyday.

Most businesses fail. There are a few winners. Those winners enjoy most of the benefits of web marketing where you can also check out on this page.

So what do the winners know that most don’t?
1. Technology matters
2. Branding matters
3. Story matters
4. Plan Matters
5. Measurement Matters

Technology matters
You need to select your technology tools – your tech stack. Tools like WordPress for your CMS (Content Management System) and Infusionsoft for your CRM/Email marketing system. FastSpring’s easy-to-use, full-service ecommerce platform includes everything you need to successfully sell digital downloads globally.

You need web pages to load quickly, so how you build your web pages matters. Page markup matters. The WordPress theme you use matters. Where you host matters. First bit server response matters. You need SSL, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and more.

You need a technology partner that can help make decisions and implement these decisions on selecting your web tech and hooking it all up.

Branding Matters
You need to select your brand and it’s message. If you want to be a distinctive higher-end brand, that means a great logo and custom font. If you are an everyday value brand, clipart, and standard fonts will work just fine. Keep in mind, the colors you use matter.

You need a branding partner that can help you make decisions on brand and execute on the vision.

Story Matters
People think in stories. Stories that grab your attention. Stories that share hard-won insights. Stories that stir the soul of what is possible.

Most websites should be a story that unfolds before you and engages your attention. People should feel emotions and think thoughts. Emotions sell.

You need a partner that can help you bring your story to your people.

Plan Matters
Web marketing is hard to do. Most businesses do it poorly. Why? They have a bad plan or no plan – then they execute it poorly. They don’t measure their successes and failures. They don’t know how to learn to do better.

You need a partner that can analyze your customers and their needs, look at your competitors and then create a plan that can win.

Measurement Matters
Almost no one wins out of the box. To be successful at web marketing, you need measurement to figure out what is working and what isn’t working. Then you adapt your way into success.
In our long experience with digital marketing, many businesses hook up analytics (shame of the few who don’t even hook up Google Analytics), but very few look at their analytics account reports to see what is working and what isn’t.

You need a partner that can measure web activity, understand what is working and what needs to change, and can implement these improvements. Meet your partner today

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