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Jeromy Stallings a Man of Few Words

By September 24, 2014 No Comments

The title of this blog is very inaccurate as our Fearless Leader is a man of many many words…SO, the Ninthlink team wanted to share the many many words that come to OUR mind when we ponder our main man Jeromy Stallings. ENJOY!

Whirling Dervish (in a good way)



Like a tornado wrapped in a hurricane that’s surfing a tsunami during a lightning storm!

Righteous dirt bike surfs up business growth strategy gun show




Constantly pushing life to the fullest, sharing his passion and energy and inspiring those around him.


Nicki Minaj : Booty :: Jeromy : Passion – There’s alot to go around and it’s always in your face.


100% Passionate about the people in his life and always striving to achieve and help anyone along his path.


Living at the corner of Dream Street and Leadership Way


Nonstop, focused intensity

California Drought

Dreams big and makes those dreams happen

Jeromy’s positive energy and personality are an inspiration and are contagious driving all persons he interacts with to aspire to the next level.


Wishing you a wordy and wonderful day Jeromy Stallings!

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