At Ninthlink, we teamed up with our client, Sundance Spas, to enhance their consumer experience. Most recently, we developed an interactive tool meant to act as a basic start up guide for the 880 Series spas. Thanks to our hard-working team of outside the box thinkers, managers: Amanda Blanco and Russell Arden, and the hands-on technical expertise of our design/development team, Craig Wheeler and Tim Spinks were able to create a functional, interactive manual, available at the click of the consumer’s mouse. Sundance start guide While the Sundance Spasmanuals provide owners with a robust view of the spa details, this interactive tool makes finding basic information, like what buttons control which part of the spa, engaging and easy for customers use. Every consumer tool on the web should include two characteristics: relevancy and accurate information. Each of these will help the user to engage with your site and will give them information they may not have obtained or understood elsewhere. An interactive tool gives your audience an opportunity to literally “interact” with your product, company, service, employees, etc. With the Sundance Spa interactive tool, a consumer can go directly to their tub model within the 880 series and explore all of its main features. They can visualize which buttons do what, find the jets that provide the perfect massage for them or their family members, or select the right air control. It also gives them a hands-on understanding of the spa’s buttons (what they look like and where they are located on the spa) and their functions. As humans, we all learn differently. Some of us are visual learners while others are tactile or auditory. An interactive tool on a website, gives users the opportunity to engage in the website and become informed while visually and physically interacting. We highly recommend incorporating one! Check out Sundance Spa’s tool here:

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