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Long, Long Ago… In a Galaxy Not Too Far Away… Amanda Joined Ninthlink

By January 16, 2014 No Comments

This is Amanda. Our Account Manager who never stops smiling! Prior to joining Ninthlink in June 2013, she received her bachelors from the University of California Berkeley and worked as a literacy director and learning behavior specialist in Oakland, CA and Chicago, IL, respectively. At the Ninthlink headquarters, Amanda facilitates the communication of tasks and expectations between clients and project managers, designers, and developers. She also moonlights as an SEO and PPC marketing Padawan. Amanda’s happy and positive demeanor makes her a perfect point of contact for clients when issues arise. Amanda is a self-proclaimed math enthusiast and spends time volunteering as a GED math instructor. Outside of the office you can find her at the theater, whether onstage, backstage, or just in the audience. We think she’s pretty cool, but mostly because she can lick her elbow! Amanda’s LinkedIn

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