Google AdWords NEW Shared Budgets

By September 21, 2012 One Comment

A cool, new feature in was unlocked recently in Google AdWords¬†called “shared budgets” that allows you to spread your budgets across the campaigns you select. Prior to this, a pay-per-click marketer had to review their client’s budgets daily to see how they’ve been spending then reallocate the budgets accordingly to ensure you hit your budget goals by the end of the month. ¬†Needless to say, this process was difficult, tedious, and time-consuming. Now, with shared budgets, you can ensure your goals are met each and every month with ease.

Below is an illustration inside an AdWords account:

Google AdWords "Shared Budgets"

Google AdWords Unlocks “Shared Budgets”

One simply has to 1/ name your budget 2/ select which campaigns will sharing the budget 3/ select the dollar amount of the budget and 4/save the shared budget. All of this takes place inside your shared library.

Google AdWords continues to innovate in ways that serve both the agency and the client in positive ways. The shared budget feature is just testament to Google’s positive innovations. We applaud the new feature and have plans to start using it immediately.

For more about Google’s Shared Budget feature, please click here:

Google AdWord’s Shared Budget Tool


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  • Tracy says:

    Thanks for sharing Ron, this is very valuable to know and will definitely help with our team’s marketing efforts!

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