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Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords, 3rd Edition

A must read for any level. Check out “Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords, 3rd Edition” by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd

It’s not often I get to review a book written specifically about “Internet Marketing.” So when I get the opportunity, I take the job very seriously. After all, I’ve been in this Industry a really long time now, and I’ve seen and heard just about every type of claim there is about how to “Get Rich Click” on the Web. When I decided I wanted to screen the “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, 3rd Edition,” written by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, I obviously came into it with an extremely skeptical eye.  352 pages later, however, I have emerged as a changed man.

This book identifies [mainly] how to navigate around Google AdWords, arguably the most amazing advertising vehicle ever built. The majority of the book focuses on how one can effectively use Google AdWords to make money, regardless of what one sells. The authors also point out that if profits can’t be made using AdWords,  you do not have a business. While that type of talk may sound harsh, I found that language refreshing to read [and also very true in fact]. Real dialogue is what distinguishes these writers from others that play in the same sandbox. These authors don’t just dance around theory, but instead provide concrete steps for succeeding in Google AdWords.

While I was far too advanced for the initial chapters, I found myself taking extra time to read [and reread] the later chapters in the book. In fact, it took me about 4 weeks to finish this book cover to cover. As an extremely advanced Internet Marketer [12 plus years], I  found a number of valuable take aways from this book and have even began implementing several of the tactics described.

This book isn’t just about AdWords though, the authors also spend time discussing Search Engine Optimization, Facebook, Email, and other tactics that will help you grow as a marketer. Additionally, the authors do not necessarily suck up to Google either. They certainly give credit where credit is due, but they also present some of the [real] dangers of the AdWords console and of Google itself. Even though this is a book about Google, one of its best points is that diversification is essential. Sound advice and fearlessly said. These authors clearly know where their bread is buttered but they freely write about the likelihood of risks inside Google AdWords that may ensue if proper care is not taken.

While I am wholeheartedly recommending this book to ANY interested Internet Marketer, I feel it necessary to highlight a few items with which I was less than satisfied. For example, the screenshots are not very clear throughout the book and therefore of little use. Secondly, the author’s pay sparse attention to crucial elements including remarketing [short chapter], dynamic keyword insertion [1 paragraph], and tools [FAQ section]. Additionally, I found the FAQ section, the single most important chapter of the book, ripe with great advice…but disappointingly relegated to the end of the book. Finally, and I know this is not a knock on the writers, but Google is changing AdWords just about every month and some of what is here has already changed. The author’s do point this out  and acknowledge this fact, but it still makes the reading feel slightly dated.

In sum, I say buy this book now! If it won’t change your life, it will definitely change your ability to be a more effective marketer.






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