Get To Know Google’s Penguin Update

By April 27, 2012 No Comments

On Tuesday, Google officially announced the name of their new algorithm change…the “penguin” web spam update. The latest information about this update can be found on Matt Cutt’s blog, listed here:

Essentially, this update focuses on the page layout and the overall experience users have with your website. Sites that have traditionally had too many advertisements “above the fold” are the ones searchers typically have trouble accessing the content; and those are the sites most prone to be affected by this change.

Search Engine Land also has a great article summarizing this latest change.

Google makes algorithm updates all the time and these changes have all been geared towards providing searchers with a better user experience. Keep that in mind as you design, build, and rethink your site design. Your M.O. going forward should be the same as Google’s – build a site that meets the needs of your target audience. Easier said than done but with FREE Google Analytics tools at your side, you can easily see how your customers behave on your site and can make informed decisions on ways to better improve their experiences.

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