Big Site Updates Lead to Bigger Average Order Values

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We launched a redesigned online store for Petunia Pickel Bottom, featuring  new Ecommerce software, a streamlined checkout process and improved site navigation – the results were immediate.

Since launching the site, the average order value has increased nearly 40%, from $120 to $170 per transaction – and here are a couple of reasons why..

The first order of business when looking to improve Petunia’s website was to replace  the existing Ecommerce platform- a custom solution with a tendency to crash if more than a couple hundred users were on the site at the same time- obviously not ideal from a user’s perspective, or a business’s when trying to sell products.

To improve the user experience and create an all around better shopping experience, we chose Magento as our Ecommerce platform, which allowed for better integrated shopping between brands & a more efficient checkout process.  Before we made the switch to Magento’s enterprise solution, Petunia’s customers had to leave the site in order to checkout – a practice known to decrease conversions.

In addition to upgrading Petunia’s Ecommerce software, we worked to improve site usability by making it easier for users to comfortably navigate between brands and around the site – removing any barriers to the products they were looking for.

One of our favorite additions in this regard are the prominent, tab shaped designs for the other brands carried by Petunia.  Having tabs, instead of ordinary links, for the Cake and Scout brands is both convenient and tempting for users to click on, whether or not they had any intention in looking at these brands in the first place. The World’s Best Gravure Idol Blog Idol Blog

As obvious as it sounds – making it easier for people to find other products to buy is an important part of encouraging people to spend more money than anticipated- although sites aren’t always set up that way.

Give us a call to see what we can do to improve your site’s performance.

David Lussky

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