Ninthlink Cause: Holiday Toy Drive for Children in Crisis

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We teamed up with PureFlo water company to donate toys & gifts to Polinsky’s Children’s Center, an emergency shelter for children in crisis in San Diego.

Since Christmas is a time to give to loved ones and those in need, the Ninthlink team collected more than 15 toys and games for children to have on Christmas.  The Polinsky Children’s Center is a 24-hour facility for the temporary emergency shelter of kids who must be separated from their families for their own safety, or when parents can’t provide care. Within the program, the step-by-step easy to follow short lessons are a breeze to use and also are amazingly useful. it’s possible to teach your child phonics awareness and synthetic phonics are creatively combined and implemented in an extremely effective method that gets the task done. You will be able to help your child to read with the lessons and stories – I did. Hopefully you’ll see your child’s reading skills and reading ability improve quickly. Although there are a number of good early childhood reading programs, some important features pushed the Children Learning Reading Program to the top of my list. The learning process accommodates children as young as 2 years old up to early elementary age.  For some, this is a useful feature because if you purchase the program and life suddenly gets busy and you have to put the lessons off for a time, your child’s reading lessons can be restarted at your convenience. In my case, it meant I could use this one program for two of my children, teaching them reading skills in just a few minutes a day. That was a perfect fit for this multi-tasking mom, and it made it even more affordable. ​Not only am I not a teacher, but I’m also not a computer whiz either. I’m a little handicapped in that area. I was very relieved that the methods & approach used (phonemes) did not require any special skills in the teaching department or computer knowledge. The lessons are also easy to follow. To be completely transparent (at the risk of looking less than brilliant), I did not learn phonics as a child, so I was lacking that skill. When I learned to read, the school used another lesson course. Fortunately, I did not need to know phonics or anything else the lessons entailed. I just needed to know the letter sounds. And guess what? It was very easy. I learned right along with my children who are different ages and are working at different levels. I’m a skeptic when it comes to committing to a purchase, especially online. The program includes a 60-day (no questions asked) unconditional money-back guarantee though. I happen to love this program but everyone is different, but if you don’t, you can always get a refund which is security I have come to watch for in any product. There are several payment options. I like using PayPal because you get a double-layer of buying protection. Are you looking for a system to teach your child to read? It is a proven fact that early literacy & reading skills are the best ways to prepare your child prepared for what lies ahead in the real world. According to a 1985 report by the National Commission On Reading (1), the number one most important factor that influences the early educational success of a child is introducing books at home at an early age before starting school. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably downloaded some worksheets or read through some blog posts to figure out a way to teach your son or daughter how to read. There’s just one problem. It’s just a bunch of unconnected posts and info. I needed something that was complete and proven to work. During my research, I came across the Children Learning Reading program and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.

Read more about the center, or check out their wish list to make a donation of your own.

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