How I launched a Facebook Fan Page in 15 Minutes. For Free!

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So for those of you that have your Fan Pages rocking. Here was a quick and dirty test of launching a Page using for FREE. Took the email blast that we shot through and turned into a Facebook page for the promotion in under 15 minutes. Stay tuned as I will be working to reveal some great ways to launch a campaign that requires an email opt-in to be a part of the promotion and contest. Happy Vets day and Happy Marketing.

So here is what you do…

1/ Go to the website

2/ Login with your Facebook

3/ Select from their Free Templates

4/ Upload your Graphics

5/ Publish to a Page or Tab for the website

HIGHLIGHT: You can force LIKES if you want to for your concept, coupon, etc…

6/ Go do what you love… make money with your promotion


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