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Google Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched

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At the beginning of December, Yahoo released their list of the Top 10 searches for 2010, which we posted a blog on earlier.  A little over a week ago, Google released their own comprehensive report on the most popular search trends of the year in the Zeitgeist 2010.

The top 3 on the global list of ‘Fastest Rising’, which compares terms searched this year compared to last year, were Chatroulette, iPad, and Justin Bieber.   The top global events included the World Cup, Olympics, Haiti earthquake, BP oil spill, and the ash cloud over Iceland.  Since Google gets billions more search queries than other sites such as Bing and Yahoo, this is the list that truly can paint a picture of the biggest trends and topics of 2010.

Google also takes it a step further by breaking the list into numerous categories, even having a ‘Fastest Falling’ section for terms falling out of search popularity.  There are a lot of ways to sort through Google’s report; in addition to getting a global prospective, you can sort the data into specific regions around the globe, by US cities, and even check out what’s been happening with popular videos on you tube.  One of the videos specifically mentioned (and one we enjoyed in the office) can be seen here:

Yosemite Mountain Double Rainbow – never in your life will see someone this excited about a double rainbow.

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