URL Alias Your Facebook Page(s)

By September 22, 2010 3 Comments

This post is as much for my own reference as it is for everyone else. Ever wonder how got to that URL instead of being something like ? Isn’t it much cleaner, easier, and quicker to refer your own business’s fans to “[your-business-name]” than “[your-city]/[business]/[12-digit-FB-id#]” ? Never fear – the solution is quick and easy – your Page just needs a Facebook Username.

Just go to that and select your Page from the dropdown. You should then be able to pick out a Username (URL Alias)* . And that’s all there is to it!

* The only caveat here is that you need at least 30 people to Like your Page before you are allowed an alias. But at this point in our Web 2.0 world, who doesn’t have at least 30 Facebook contacts?

Alex Chousmith

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