Google Instant: faster searches

By September 8, 2010 2 Comments

So I split my windows in Vim and I wanted to rotate my viewports. I forgot the command, so naturally here comes Google to the rescue. I noticed something fast and new today: an ajaxy-like search.

Basically, when you do a search now, the SERP will be re-populated *only* — which means less reloads of the whole page. Google is calling it Google Instant and it’s pretty sweet. Their most recent blog post says that it offers dynamic search, predictions, and even a drop down to select the usual “I’m feeling lucky” direct link.

If you notice there’s an “X” and if you click that, the SERP is blanked out:

Pretty cool stuff. I also tested to see what would happen if JavaScript was disabled, and it turns out it functions as normal, degrading gracefully to a regular search. Try it out today, it’s awesome!


  • nice post! its crazy too how if you start searching for something like “prepaid debit cards”, you really only get the top 2-4 “organic” search results on the first screen, because you get 3 paid Sponsored Links above the other results, plus all the other ads on the side, and the predictive text dropdown trying to figure out what you want.

    i also noticed that if you have only typed “prep” so far, the first result to show up is for Whisknladle which is in La Jolla. is that a coincidence, or are the results giving huge priority to Local Search during the predictive text phase?

  • Ian Blackman says:

    Yes, you hit it on the nail. Anything related to San Diego gives San Diego based results. For example try these:


    I bet if you were in San Francisco or New York these would be different. I wonder how long has this been in production?

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