Themes of the Month: Paid Advertising, Ad Networks & Affiliate Marketing

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We recently wrapped up the month of August where we discussed the importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in relation to generating site traffic and having success with marketing online.  And while getting found in search engines is an important aspect of online marketing, it isn’t the only option available to advertisers looking to be found online.

This month we will be taking a look at Paid Advertising, Ad Networks & Affiliate Marketing, and digital signage solutions for local advertising to customers.  Each has a special role in the realm of online marketing and has been proven to be beneficial for all parties involved.

A good example of the topic at hand would be how paid advertising works, the effect it can have, both positive and negative, in regards to the different angles of approach or type of advertising done. One of the cases we are looking at are also the simplest: fliers and signs. Both widely used and widely available, but they should be implemented carefully. You may want to visit Promo Colour for a decent example.

Throughout the month, feel free to comment and share what you are doing to Promote and Grow your business online.

David Lussky

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