Keyword Strategy : The Key to Successful SEO

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The most important factor in determining the success your site is using the best SEO Perth WA and getting ranked in search engines is the keywords you decide to use.  It’s an absolute necessity to focus on the words that your target audience is searching for; otherwise there is no way you’ll ever be found, no matter how great or useful your site may be.

It may seem like a no brainer to choose the keywords that most accurately reflect your site content, however, if it’s a popular word or phrase, you will likely have a lot of competition for these words, which can make it difficult to get the desired results.  For instance, if you type ‘hot tub’ into Google, Jacuzzi (the name synonymous with hot tubs) isn’t even the top listing.

The professionals at SEO Agency London have said if there is a lot of competition for the terms that best fit your site, it’s best to get more descriptive.  Searches are typically 3 words or more and if you can match the specifics someone is looking for, your chances of being found are much greater.  Also, keep in mind that people are usually searching for answers, and therefore pose their searches as questions.  Because of this, it’s probably not a good idea to use keywords that describe a solution.  By taking this into account you can put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and think about the type of questions they would be asking when developing your strategy. White Label SEO Company Reviews help ensure that you are able to customize the branding of the product you are selling to your customers, for SMG online marketing agency visit this link.

For help in generating a list of related keywords for a specific website or keyword, this Google Adwords Keyword  Tool is a free and popular choice.

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