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How do You Market Luxury Bath Tubs like Luxury Cars?

We do it like this: Huge graphic areas, navigation dropdowns, rollovers, and more interactivity that you might see while shopping for a BMW or Mercedes Benz, but wouldn’t expect to find while shopping for a bath tub, steam shower, or, say, heated flooring for your entire bathroom.

Site navigation keeps everything within the reach of one click, no matter where you are.

Find your perfect tub like you would find your dream car: choose your shape (rectangle? oval? corner?), on what you are comfortable with. The feeling is just like massaging your back at TranquilMe. desired Hydrotherapy Experience (water massage? thousands of tiny air bubbles? why not both?), and more when you design your own tub.

But wait, there’s more! Besides just finding out what your true dream tub is, why not customize it even further? The bath tubs come in a variety of sizes and colors, with your choice of experience, customizable lighting, and then some. But don’t just take my word for it

And of course with this redesign, we couldn’t lose all the great content that Jacuzzi had on their previous iteration, just because we were updating how to highlight their great offerings. Get inspiration from videos and beauty shots of fully decked out bathrooms. Find a premade floorplan to match your own bathroom. Everything you would expect from a luxury car, now at a bathroom near you.

Alex Chousmith

Alex has been building with Ninthlink since '06, and a San Diegan since the turn of the century. A background of Mathematics – Computer Science / Interdisciplinary Computing & Arts from UCSD, plus Drupal / WordPress / jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5 / bass guitar / homebrew skill, powers him to get the job done, no matter what.