Quality Counts in Webcasting

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Webcasting is growing in popularity every day, as more net surfers prefer to have the message delivered in images rather than text.  Many brands and companies realize this and are scrambling to put up video content and links to their sites — you’re probably doing this yourself right now, or are thinking about it.

The problem out there: low quality, bad production values, and sometimes slow servers; these three things cause the web cast to not be as pleasing-to-the-eye that’s necessary.  

We have been emphasizing web pages that are user friendly but also attractive in design and placement; part of that, if you’re going to have video content, is to create the best moving images possible.  Providers must find ways to monetize their services and hopefully in the process, improve the quality of the product for the end user.

One much company,, raised the bar in this field by launching a professional grade service, Kyte LivePro, featuring native, HD-quality streaming capabilities when used in conjunction with the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. The system has the capability to stream all the way up to 1080p, certainly not practical given most users’ bandwidth constraints, but impressive nonetheless, and an indication of where this technology trend is going in 2010.  This company saw the writing on the wall when it shifted its focus about a year and a half ago from being a consumer-oriented live video portal to a multi-platform services provider and media companies such as MTV and ESPN have been turning to the start-up more often to handle video streaming, social media integration and mobile distribution.

Kyte is just one such service, as there are many others popping up, but is a good example of a company engaging in trend forecasting and taking up a call to action to jump into these murky waters of the future before anyone else does –where would Netscape, Google, and Twitter be if the people behind the companies had hesitated and waiting to see what others were doing?

There are key points to keep in mind here:

1. Attractive web design and content

2. Highest quality video for web casting

3. Taking action on what looks to be a future online trend

How can anyone go wrong?

Source: Film With PPS.

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