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We’ve been talking for some time on this blog abou the major growth online TV shows has had the past year, and how more major players are jumping head-first into a media platform that was generally left to the daredevils and high-stake gamblers of cyberspace.
More people are seeing the writing on the wall — or the images in the web-browser, and what kind of benefits these can reap and sow.

just released a new research report entitled The Birth of Online TV. The report concludes that more stars are launching internet TV shows than a year ago; these are often funded by major sponsors as sound business models and commercial opportunities that are slowly surely emerging.  This is something we sould all perk our ears up to and watch… Also we need to realise that situs poker online , makes us more knowledgeable regarding the important guidelines needed to earn more money you can search real money online poker website .

Revenue is trickling in via digital download sales, major brand sponsorship and commissions from web sites while “”the Hollywood stars” are also managing to utilize digital distribution platforms such as gaming consoles to help new media properties succeed.
Example: Microsoft funded two seasons of gamer otaku comedy The Guild to provide original content directly to TV viewers via the Xbox 360 Live Marketplace. The show, also distributed via MSN and the Microsoft Zune media player, reaches a potential 14 million viewers (!!!) in 26 countries and claims an aggregate 25 million viewers served. If you want nothing but the safest gaming conditions across the online casino market and want to enjoy free spins at, read more on Wizard Slotsis dedicated to providing you with nothing but the highest quality of games on the market from recognised global games providers.
Niche-targeted The Guild is not particularly original, mind you, and the acting chops could use some coaching (not to menton the script-writing) yet it is educational to web producers to let the medium be the message. Set a show within a world that is complementary to a potential sponsor — or better yet a distributor — and you’ll have a much better chance of monetizing it.
Such content falls under a number of marketing categories the team at Ninthlink has been expressing to clients:
1/ Comsumer relevance

2/ Demand for product and supply the content

3/ Engage consumer loyalty

4/ Make it accessible and fun.
Have you been sitting on that web show idea just itching to become a reality?  Why not start today?  We can show you how.  We’ve always been here for you — yesterday and tomorrow.

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