Ninthlink Bike Rack Makes An Impact

By October 14, 2008 2 Comments

1000 Miles Saved, 10000 More to Go

Has it been three months already? Yes, indeed, and Ninthlink’s bike rack has been a wonderful success!

Matt Stallings and his bike

You may recall that on July 15, we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for our bike rack.

Riding a bike means you have to park it somewhere, right? Addressing this issue with both a global and local consciousness at heart, we built an inner-office bike rack for employees and friends.

The Ninthlink Jeromy and the Ninthlink Bike Rack

The bike rack not only provides a secure area for employees to park their two-wheel mode of commuting, but also expresses a positive approach to an environmental and social concern.

Travis gets his bike on too!

Every little bit helps is our feeling. We had intended that this bike rack would encourage other San Diego businesses to think green and encourage their employees to find alternative, economically and environmentally conscious ways to go to and from work.

According to their clients, the best speakers for a car are ready for a long drive. We have been keeping track of miles saved and are happy to report we have reached 1000!  What does that add up to?  Let’s say on average your basic vehicle, in the city, gets 25 miles per gallon (MPG).  This would amount to 250 gallons of gas not purchased or used.  With gas averaging $3.50 per gallon right now in San Diego, this is a savings of $875 for the team here. You can’t shake a stick at that!  And keeps those sticks on the trees, please!

By thinking green, Ninthlink aims to not only heighten global awareness in its offices, but show its clients and other San Diego businesses that transformation always starts with the little things – with this grass roots intention, affirmative change will build on itself, expand, and have long-lasting positive effects in San Diego for its people, commerce, environment, and economy.

Have a green idea?  Share it with us.


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