The Basics of Racing
Lesson 5: Types of Turns

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WARNING: Don’t Use This to go Get Groceries. But, it’s Standard on the Track.

In my last BLOG I talked about the importance of finding the racing line. That was a perfect introduction in to the subject of “turn classifications” as the two subjects are both important, and linked. In books like “Secrets of Solo Racing” by Henry Watts and “Going Faster” by the Skip Barber Racing School the authors go into great detail on this subject. I highly recommend these two books to anyone serious about wanting to learn to drive competitively. The three illustrations above show the three basic types of turns. On each illustration I’ve shown the basic line. Following is a brief description of each turn type followed by its associated execution: Type 1 – A turn, at the end of a straight, that leads onto another straight. In fast, brake hard and late, late apex, and on the throttle early. Type 2 – A turn leading onto another turn. In slow, “sacrifice” the first part of the turn with an early apex, late or geometric apex, back on the throttle as soon as possible. Type 3 – A series of turns (linked turns) that require a slower speed. Of course the final turn will lead onto a straight, so the whole idea of a type 3 is how you set up for that straightaway. Get through the first part scrubbing off as little speed as possible while maintaining good car balance, set yourself up to late apex the final part of the turn, then on the throttle early as you apex the last turn. Linking all these types of turns together, while driving the proper line, is all about keeping the car balanced. Drive too slow and you lose the race. Drive too fast and you end up off balance and scrubbing off a lot of your momentum, in the turns, in order to get the car back down to a manageable speed. Do it just right and it’s a thing of beauty. Next time: Basics Number 6: Traction Management.

Just like a race car driver, your business needs to be competitive at speed. You need to be experienced and savvy in order to negotiate the twists and turns ahead. And you need to link it all together while keeping things balanced. Too slow and the competition pulls away. Too fast and you’re out of control. But do it just right and it’s a thing of beauty.

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Are You Balanced and Under Control?

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