The Basics of Racing
Lesson 3: Field of View

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WARNING: Don’t Use This to go Get Groceries. But, it’s Standard on the Track.

Because things are happening so quickly, and at such high speeds, inexperienced drivers make the mistake of only looking at the track right in front of the car. In solo racing we refer to this as “cone blindness” and in wheel-to-wheel racing we say that the driver is “speed blind”. In performance driving and racing schools we teach students to elevate their field of view. This means that you keep your head up and look hundreds of yards ahead of the car. Of course this is easier said than done when twists and turns and changing conditions are coming at you at 140 MPH, but a good race car driver will constantly be looking up and several turns ahead. This keeps the driver in a constantly aware mode and in a good offensive posture. The driver knows what’s going on, how things are changing, and what he has to do to gain position. Next time: Basics Number 4: The Racing Line.

Just like a race car driver, your business needs to keep a high field of view. Don’t get so focused on what’s going on, right in front of you, that you develop a type of “tunnel vision”. Keep your head, and your sensibilities, up. Look several moves ahead and plan your route.

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Are You Looking Ahead?

Do not attempt. Professional branders on a closed course.

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