Spread The Joy, Spread The Love: Spread ‘Em!

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So I’ve been working for the past bit on the Spread the Joy button that is popping up at the bottom of every post, and on that note, I think I will find an image from an old newsletter, and use it here to emphasize that… hmmm… March ’08?

spread the joy

Rad. Anyways, our buddies at Holiday Matinee are using ShareThis to get their joy spread around, so I have that going right now (6:16pm Wed 7/3 (what am i still doing in the office?!)) , but matt is not super psyched on the Register | Sign In links that ShareThis sticks on the bottom of their widget, so he wants me to see what else is out there, so I found this article via on The 12 Most Useful Social Bookmarking & Autoposting Tools for Your Blog and I’m hoping that one of those 12 will eventually come out as the NLK 2008 Joy Spreading Champion. thoughts?

… and while I’m still looking at stuff, I noticed that telling wordpress to put images in Full Size still shrinks ’em to 500 width, and by default makes ’em links to view just the image, all on its lonesome, in the same window… I’ll have to fix that…

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