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Life Theme(songs)

Communities are all about people, and all people live in communities...weird huh? So with that distinction I wanted to point out a growing trend in offline communities, Life Themesongs. A life theme is an already prevalent marketing tactic that involves developing a psychographic persona of a model employee or consumer. An analyst will take the ideal representatives of a persona from a group of consumers, and create the ideal persona. People do this themselves in everyday life. They pick a…
November 30, 2007

Holiday 2.0…

If you haven't guessed, we are doing a community / web 2.0 themed month. Not because we are trying to ride the gravy train of increased press about online communities, but because you truly have something to benefit from these new features during the holidays. Below is a list of ideas that any person could use to make their holiday season easier and more connected: Can't remember who wants what? -Set up a wiki at PBWiki to collaborate with family…
November 29, 2007

Social Status 2.0

Connecting to your friends and family is becoming more and more virtual everyday. If you are not one of the many hundreds of millions of people racing to position themselves as the next big thing online then you may be missing out. How many people visited your blog last month? How many friends do you have in MySpace? How many videos have you posted to YouTube? Is your information in Facebook? What is your rank and level in World of…
November 28, 2007

Switch to Ninthlink!

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November 27, 2007