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Google Announces 100x Faster Internet with Google Fiber Today’s announcement from Google is knocking our socks off with the idea that internet is coming to the masses with download speeds of 1000 mb per second. This is an astronomical step in buffing up bandwidth size and we can't wait to try it our for ourselves and see what new goodness comes out of it. To get things started with Google Fiber, there's a pre-registration process to get it working in your city. Today, Kansas City is the…
July 26, 2012

Ninthlink Accepts the ISM Architect Award from ISM Community

ISM Architect Award: by Aaron Kraten This past Saturday, Ninthlink attended ISM’s 10 year celebration and accepted the ISM architect award for our contributions to the ISM Community non-profit. The anniversary festivities took place in Downtown Santa Ana at the Grand Central Art Center. ISM Co-Founder, Kevin Staniec, graciously remarked how "our arts non-profit has accomplished a lot in this decade and we couldn't have done it without your (Ninthlink’s) support". Ninthlink helped ISM take their primarily print based approach to…
July 11, 2012

Photographer Chris Jordan I had the pleasure of attending MOPA last night for a talk with renowned photographer Chris Jordan. The event was much more than I could have anticipated, as it touched deeply into lessons in life and matters for everyone to awaken to. During the talk, he mentioned a huge inspiration of his is a well known western Buddhist practicioner by the name of Joanna Macy. The reference resonated with me wholly as I came across this quote from Ms…
November 18, 2011