Can Your Blog Make Money?

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There are a lot of popular blogs out there that make their money through advertising on their site. These blogs have software that allows ads to pop up within or alongside their content.

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Making them is way easier than you can think, you require a topic which  will get audience, and viewers.  With Livestream Services you can have your own channel at the disposition of everyone in minutes, as it is accessible without having a TV, so viewers can watch your channel or blog within their devices from anywhere in the world.

When a reader clicks on one of these ads, the blogger gets paid. So how much money is a blogger earning per click? It depends on many factors. Two important factors, Location and Industry, are discussed with infographics below.

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Based on analyzed data of 100 million clicks and $4 million dollars worth of revenue, these graphics show the top industries and locations for a blog. If your blog falls into the Financial Services industry, such as Joshua Brown’s The Reformed Broker, then you will earn more money per click on the ads in your blog than if you ran a Fashion and Accessories blog like NYC Pretty. The average financial blogger’s earnings per click (EPC) is $1.80 while the average fashion blogger’s EPC is $0.39. The location that the clicks are coming from also determines a blogger’s EPC. If your blog is viewed by someone on the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) and they happen to click on an ad in your blog, you are going to make on average $6.67 per click. But if someone clicks on your ad from Ecuador, you will make $1.37 per click.

This article is not meant to get you to go out and start a financial blog, nor to cater your blog to people in South Africa or South America. Just because the financial industry may earn the most revenue per click, does not mean that blog will get you a larger revenue stream. If you’re passionate about Fashion, Sports, or Travel, write about that and focus on the amount of traffic you can get to your site, no matter the location. There are also people who are in interested in Cars Iceland so you might want to blog that out. The more people you can get to visit your blog, the higher the likelihood of people clicking the ads on your blog and consequently, the more money you will make. This increasing traffic and revenue to your blog will compensate for the lower cost per click in your chosen industry. So if you’re in the game to make money, be weary of your niche and blog about something you enjoy. Blogs that exude passion and knowledge of their industry will be the ones that make the money in the long run.

***Blog post written by Intern, Noelle Tremmel


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