Google Rolls Out Credit Card Just For Adwords

By May 30, 2013 No Comments

Recently, Google launched their very own Business Credit Card for Adwords. The card features a 11.9% variable APR, ample credit limits and no annual fees.

However, the card is only available by invitation and with a personalized application ID. Additionally, it may only be used for your Adwords media buy. Therefore, if a card member tries to use it for purchases outside of the console, the card will be declined.

The card is associated with MasterCard and is provided exclusively by Barclays Bank, a UK based lender.

Benefits of the card include confident buying power, solutions to seasonal cash flow issues and easy tracking on spending.

It is still unclear if or when the card will be available to all advertisers. But once again, this is another big change for the search engine giant.

To learn more about the credit card or if you are a Ninthlink client and wish to find out if your account is eligible, please contact either Megan Ayala or Ron Weber.

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