Alternative Media Buying Strategies

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Eureka! There IS life beyond Google! This, of course, is the cry of many online advertisers these days, as everyone is scrambling to find alternative sources of traffic on the web. Many are discovering, in fact, that buying outside of Google can be cheaper, better, and (often) more effective. The technology is so good nowadays and the targeting is so precise that many of these other networks can offer creative purchasing options such as cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL), cost per sale (CPS) and cost per inbound call (CPIC). This added flexibility gives you, the advertiser, a lot more control over your results that makes buying through Google seem almost antiquated. These alternative networks also offer up a variety of targeting methods such as demographic, behavioral, and retargeting options that are simply too good to pass up.

While there are literally hundreds of thousands of places you could advertise, below is a short list to some of our favorite places to wisely spend your money:

Permission Data

Permission Data specializes in helping companies grow their in-house marketing lists on a CPL basis. They leverage multiple opt-in media channels, including co-registration and display, to identify hand-raising consumers and then attain their permission to collect their data and store it on a virtual data room.  And by substantially growing a brand’s marketing list, they empower brands to scale their direct-to-consumer dialog. They maintain a consistent focus on high standards and ethics, and as a result Fortune 1000 companies trust Permission Data for their customer acquisition efforts.

Permission Data – CPA and CPL buys through co-registration and advertiser hosted opt-in forms. Very very effective. Contact: Christine McKibban

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Integrate is an advertising technology and solutions provider that offers a centralized-media management platform. We like the simplicity of their interface and ability to reach high-quality publishers quickly. i.e. It doesn’t take long for your campaigns to catch fire.

Integrate – CPC, CPS, CPA, CPL (Host and Post) and CPIC buys through media buying and direct publisher network. Contact: Jenna Jurewicz

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Turn is a cloud marketing platform that drives smarter marketing decisions and precise cross-channel advertising execution by helping you match the right customer with the right message on the right device at the right moment for the right price. Turn works so well because their technology allows you to access all the proper vendors through a single interface.

Turn – Reach scale and capacity, purchase and manage media from one centralized location. Industry leader! Contact: Deke Faires

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While much has been said, in regards to the one true Google competitor, the truth is you can buy the same click inside MSN at typically a much-reduced rate. This is not the case for all keywords and all Industries but almost 90% of the time, we can buy inventory here at a lower price. Additionally, is it always better to go direct, when considering Yahoo Display where you can take advantage of strong demographic, behavioral and retargeting options. Don’t overlook Yahoo or Bing in your media mix.

Yahoo/Bing – CPC through MSN AdCenter, Display through Yahoo. Contact: Kris Viestenz

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