Proud to Introduce Grade A Sign℠ – A New Street-Level Ad Network

By June 28, 2012 2 Comments

The next generation of storefront advertising has arrived! While knowing the common banner printing sizes and using them is a quite effective and impactful way to get clients but the Grade A SmartSign℠ delivers an innovative end-to-end ad solution that networks A-rated restaurants in top locations with national brands, proximity advertisers & smart-phone enabled consumers.

It’s a brand new way to get noticed.

The Grade A SmartSign℠ illuminates restaurant’s required bright blue A-cards and transforms them from required signage into a dynamic, WiFi-enabled video display, which delivers ad content & generates ad revenue.  Powered by a state-of-the-art, geo-targeted ad platform server, Grade A Sign℠ focuses on high-traffic, A-graded food establishments creating a powerful, street-level advertising solution.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Restaurant Promotion: businesses can highlight specials, store information, a tasty menu or anything else they choose 24/7
  • Ad Revenue: Grade A Sign offers restaurants an opportunity to generate ad revenue as long as they’re in the network colocation
  • Increased Foot Traffic: the illuminated Grade A SmartSign will turn heads and attract new customers
  • Hyper-local: restaurants can socialize with sidewalk traffic and deliver deals to smart phones everywhere

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Ability to micro-target campaigns hyper-locally by zip code, longitude and latitude
  • Upscale, networked visual displays ‘Wow’ on-the-go commuters with fresh Ad content
  • Advertise at pre-qualified A-rated storefronts in prime locations on a dynamically enabled ad platform
  • Campaign, track and report in a snap with the mighty Grade A BackOffice

Benefits for Consumers

  • Street traffic gains access to relevant, contextual, geographically precise information at no cost
  • Incentives, coupons and rewards available on demand
  • Incorporated rating system for restaurant quality and cleanliness standards

David Lussky

David has been a Project Manager with Ninthlink since 2009. He enjoys the beach, electronic music, outdoor activities, traveling, and dominating in fantasy sports.


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