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15 Touch Points for Scripting Your Direct Marketing Offer

By November 29, 2010 4 Comments

Coming up with effective, persuasive copy to use in your direct marketing offer can be a daunting task if you are looking for a solution, this article will teach you just that.  When all is said and done, you may be convinced the copy you’ve come up with is a sure thing, however, the truth is you really won’t know which web copy works best until you have a chance to test different versions and analyze the results.  Because of this, scripting your offer should be viewed as a process as opposed to a one time activity when you buy in the store using POS machines. That is the ultimate goal of many markiting activities to make you buy a certain product. To make things just a little easier for anyone looking to sell products or services online, certain companies have created a basic outline of 15 points you should try to include in any direct marketing offer. Square POS is one of the new entrants to the market that has helped revolutionize the way that you process payments. Touch screen interfaces with secure payment options allow you to process payments efficiently. The mobile nature of the system also allows you to run its platform on your own hardware devices, as long as they’re compatible with Square’s software.

Why do you need to analyse customers and what is the importance of consumer buying behavior? The primary reason of analyzing consumer buying behavior lies in the fact, that you can know how the consumer is going to behave and their interests. There are various reasons why a consumer is buying your product/service, knowing which are the possible reasons will allow you to prepare your marketing strategy. Once you know more about your customers, you must move on to understanding your products’ features. According to Jacksonville SEO, users are more likely to trust sales people who show confidence in themselves and what they are selling, therefore, presenting your product’s benefits accurately is crucial to create a lead.

Blue: Product or Service Offering: What it is and why I should buy it

1. Product Logo & Tagline- should deliver clear, simple description of key value or benefit.

2. Headline- what is your customer’s pain or issue that needs to be solved?

3. Image/Visual Message- find or create the perfect image that represents the quality or context of your offer.

4. Benefit Points- Why should I buy or act on this offer? Give the visitor 3-5 reasons to take advantage of this offer.

5. Guiding/Supporting Message

Green: Conversion Channel: What you’re telling me to do

6. Urgency Message- a call out for the deal can be used to create exclusiveness for the offer.

7. Supporting Urgency Statement

8. Data Capture- the main goal of your landing page, this should collect all of the necessary data to complete the desired transaction.

9. Credibility Symbols- these are great for building consumer confidence and should be included anytime you’re trying to solicit personal information from a site visitor

10. Action Button- should encourage the desired behavior you have for your audience, for example, if you wanted to get newsletter subscriptions, a ‘Sign Up Now’ call to action would be ideal.

Red: Supporting Content:  For people who require more information or may be a bit skeptical

11. Sub-headline – can be used to feature one of your main benefit points.

12. Intro Paragraph- gives details and continues with persuasive and informative copy.

13. Secondary Visual Message- reinforces your brand message.  Visual queues are very powerful.

14. Credibility/Testimonial Block- another channel to help build consumer confidence, can also be used to incorporate  testimonials.

15. Share- let your customers do some internet marketing for you.  Having an established social media presence will increase your conversion chances as you build a connection with and continue to educate possible customers.

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