Create your own fabric designs. Thanks Spoonflower

By September 9, 2010 One Comment

A new site named Spoonflower just saved you countless hours of going out to fabric stores and fighting with your significant other on what fabric to choose. I give this site a way over the head high five. You can create your own designs, make money and buy from a large growing selection of designs, please take a look at these pros and cons.

Matt Stallings

Hello. I am a graphic designer, creative director, artist, usability creating, web wrangling kind of a guy. Some of my best friends are whiteboards, sketchpads, and my mouse and keyboard. SD transplant since 1997. Husband and father to twins. My passion is to improve life with good design.

One Comment

  • Mavrick says:

    Grin … “A Hope Un2&2nted,a#8ud1; I believe you referred to it as a few interviews ago, MOLLY, and I swear you are going to win one of these days, God willing!! Thanks for your support, my friend, and see you at the next blog … Hugs,Julie

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