Hello World!

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Hello world, my name is Ian (pronounced “eye-yen”). I am a busy guy ’round these parts at Ninthlink. But I wanted to give a quick intro on who I am and what you can expect from me.

  1. I am a big Chargers fan.
    I am still hurting after that loss to the Jests, I mean Jets. 13-3 season and seriously, how did that happen?
  2. Last year I made the switch from PC -> Mac
    You would be calling me a hypocrite last year as I was always calling those PC versus Mac commercials “dumb.” Now I totally understand. I used to think using BootCamp to run Windows 7 was awesome (I still do), I completely erased that partition and now I am a full Mac convert (fanboy?). Although, I still run Windows XP in VirtualBox, just to check for web standards when developing.
  3. I love Rubik’s cubes.
    Want to see a Rubik’s cube solved in under 14 seconds? Want to see it being solved by a Lego Mindstorms bot?
  4. I love code and programming.
    I’ll be randomly sharing my thoughts about this, so hopefully it’s useful. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll share my .vimrc file for you to bask in the glory that is Vim — the king of editors. In any case, check out how 7 years of coding is like — visually.

I think I might’ve gone link happy, but I have to hook you in some how right?

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