No Surprise Here: Internet Soon to Overtake Newspapers in Ad Revenue

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If you work for or own a print media outlet, you may want to stop reading now and pretend you never saw this post… I’m not trying to depress anyone, just stating the facts.

By the year 2014, the Internet will become the 2nd largest U.S. advertising medium behind only television, fueled by the rise of advertising across interactive media, video, and email.

This doesn’t even factor in the revenue which will be generated through the mobile advertising market, which is expected to quadruple in the same time period from 2010-2014.

What’s behind this?

Besides the greater chance for exposure online ads can generate, they are by far more accountable than print ads, which makes them especially attractive to marketers, some prominent marketers like On The Map LinkedIn. Not only can you get an idea of how many people are looking at the ads on a given page, but you can track how many times they were clicked on and which placements had the most successful conversion rates.

What This Means for Businesses

To put it simply: to compete and excel in today’s economy, you NEED an online presence.  And in some cases, just having a website isn’t enough to get the results you want, require, or have the potential to get.  The growth in online advertising shows just how popular the web has become with both consumers and businesses.  With so much to compete against online, it’s important to stay proactive in regards to keeping your site up to date and using all of the latest trends to get noticed.

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